Customs service to help yacht sail ocean

Issuing time:2023-10-08 13:49

Dalian Hairuo Ship Technology Co. Ltd. is a Dalian Dayaowan bonded harbor yacht manufacturing enterprises. Since its establishment in 2008, Dalian customs under the customs always Dayaowan support and help. The company was founded in the beginning of many customs policy is not very understanding, Dayaowan customs officers take the initiative into the enterprise, for the relevant policies and regulations we recite the processing enterprises, which makes us less take many detours, accelerate the formation of the company and gradually on the right track." Dalian Hairuo Ship Technology Co. Ltd. manager Sun Xiutian said.

At the Dalian International Boat Show days ago, the company Heiro a large blue catamaran yacht has attracted many customers attention. It is understood that this dual structure can make the ship hull in the hull remained stable, ride the wind and waves, was used in military ship, or for the first time in China on a yacht.

Another special regulatory zone in Dalian customs export processing zone in Dalian, is preparing to export a large yacht also encountered a little customs clearance little trouble".

Originally, the ship 22 meters long, 9 meters wide, 7 meters high, 60 ton yacht is located in the Dalian export processing zone Lionel Thai Industry and Trade Co. Ltd., "this is by far the largest US exports a yacht, from the signing of the contract, we have been very worried, because of the large type lifting equipment can not into the area, so it's very difficult to transport the yacht." Lionel Thai trade limited company general manager Si Luwei said china. Helpless, we hold a glimmer of hope to customs help. Dalian customs bonded area office informed of the situation, immediately arrange business backbone home visits, study how to solve the problem, we eat a reassurance."

Dalian customs offices in the bonded area through field research, discussed many times, finally determined to take advantage of the fence factory close to the geographical advantage, directly lifted out zone method. The two giant crane outside the fence, across the A region of Dalian export processing zone fence, the yacht will be firmly hung a large trailer. In the process of transportation, taking into account the yacht volume is too large, can not use customs supervision vehicle transit office in the bonded area, actively coordinating the port customs. The project was determined to send on-site supervision and the whole escort transit, at the same time make emergency plans, ensure the transit process no danger of anything going wrong.